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Tuning In to Safety

Thought provoking

This book...can be considered a “light” read that is easily accomplished in a session or two at most. The content brings to light, a number of real-world examples of risks assumed at all levels of business operations. Avoidable workplace "accidents", along with how such situations could have been better managed, provide thought-provoking instances of mishaps, close calls and fatalities. It reminds those of us with extensive work place experience and those just entering the work force, to take time to consider the implications and liabilities associated with not working safely. All parties from the worker at the centre of the risk-taking activities, to middle and upper management, are targeted. Discussion of how an approach of "cutting corners" to complete work faster and meet production quotas and compromise safety, will alert and encourage readers to review our own "best practices". Consider this offering as a useful work place safety "hand book", that all members of any work force should be given the opportunity to read and digest. This a "two thumbs up" read!

Martin S. - Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Tony Martin