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Tuning In to Safety

A refreshing reminder


Tony has provided a "worker's eye view" of safety from the ranks at all levels, from the "lowest on the pole" to upper management. It hits on key points, especially the old "production over safety and risk factors" view, that many of us have experienced during our careers, when pressured to perform. 

It is a refreshing reminder of how, even for those of us who routinely demonstrate and engage our students in safety as a primary learning need, must to be focused and not allow ourselves to become "complacent". 

Having accumulated many "battle scars" in almost 50 years of wrenching, I can recall and visualize firsthand many similarities to the mishaps and "close calls" that Tony describes in his book, along with worst of all, the fatalities. 

It is also a "light" read, easily digested in a session or two.

Martin S. - Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Tony Martin