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Tuning In to Safety

A wonderful addition to the paper and e-book

Having read the paper version of Tuning In to Safety, I introduced this title in both paper and e-book versions to my automotive program students in August 2018. I was immediately taken aback by number of positive comments and feedback from all 16 students who had purchased their own copies, read the chapters and had completed a quiz. The book provided an excellent segue into classroom discussion, where students readily disclosed having either witnessed or heard about similar safety-related scenarios in their own workplaces. 

This was somewhat surprising, because students often have to be "encouraged" to participate, when discussing the importance of ongoing safety learning and best practices. Safety cannot be taken for granted, while that has often been the mentality and practice in many places of employment. Incorporating Tuning In to Safety into the learning process, was met with enthusiasm and created a high level of engagement in active classroom discussion. The book used situational awareness to demonstrate the importance of safety. Scenarios presented throughout the book, were readily and often recognized to have happened to someone known by the students, either resulting in an accident or a close call. 

Recently, I took the opportunity to listen to the audio version of Tuning In to Safety and found it refreshing. The download process was straightforward and narration by Josiah Martin, was very clear and well-paced. This offers an alternative way to read this book for the first time, or can serve as an excellent review when contemplating discussion of safety issues, whether it be for oneself, students or co-workers. This book inspires the reader and does a great job encouraging due diligence and best practices. The portability and versatility of the audio version, may fit the needs of those with active and busy schedules, who find little time to sit and read. 

Martin S. - Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Tony Martin