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Tuning In to Safety

Enjoyable, easy read

Technically, I guess you could say this is a textbook, but it doesn't read like one - by which I mean it is actually interesting. The author takes what most people would consider to be a dry subject, and turns it into an enjoyable, easy read by using lots of real-world examples. This book should be required reading for anyone who works in an industrial environment. In particular, it is helpful to old guys (like me) who have been through more safety lectures than they can count, and who think there is nothing more they can possibly learn on the subject. Too often, safety training is seen by the trainees as nothing more than a list of rules they need to memorize. Many times, there is an unspoken message that safety is counter-productive. Regardless of the words of the executives and managers, the overall workplace culture quickly teaches workers that safety is an impediment to getting the job done - that their mission is to get the job done "in spite of" the safety requirements. This book specifically refutes that mindset, and shows that lack of safety awareness is a much greater impediment, and that, far from being counter-productive, an active safety culture is very good for business.

Colin H. - Austin, Texas

Tony Martin