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Tuning In to Safety

A watershed moment

Here's a gem of extraordinary proportions for anyone involved in the physical workplace. Every day I wake up with the pain of the accumulated stresses and injuries of a long journey in the construction, mining, and logging industries. For me, fifty years ago would have been a great time to have read this. But the importance of this book is now; to learn the lessons of the past and to not repeat them.

Mr. Martin has accurately identified the lack of foresight in the workplace of the past, and how to address this as we move into the future. The stories of pain, suffering and injury are tempered with plans for action. While it is an easy read, it's not easy to read, and digest, some of those stories of pain and suffering as we reflect on our own past practices. But you must. Or risk repeating the failures of the past.

If you are involved in industry and professional technical education I think that we shall look at this book as a watershed moment in our "Tuning In to Safety". Why not set up future generations with thoughtful practices?

As Mr. Bennett notes in the Foreword, "By abandoning the tedious recital of regulations used in most safety literature, this book is innovative because it invites the reader to engage in the dialogue of safety strategies". Now is the time to engage everyone in that dialogue. What could it hurt?

Jeff C. - Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Tony Martin