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Tuning In to Safety

A way of living and working with other people

Tony, whether you intended or not, your book is about so much more than workplace safety. It’s just as much about a way of living and working with other people, with workplace safety being what Alfred Hitchcock called ‘the McGuffin;’ the object of the plot but not necessarily the point of the story.

Your statement on page 55 says it all: “Doing your best to make other people look good is fundamental to prosperity in your work life…..”

I was taught that concept a long time ago and have tried to live it my whole career. This is what helps working people go home at the end of the day feeling good about their job, whether it’s sweeping floors or brain surgery. You also point out that it requires one to consider other people’s situations and motivations, including those we might dislike, in order to foster effective communication.

This book shows your familiarity with adult education techniques; your understanding of employers, employees and the power of workplace culture, and your respect for other people. Even if workplace safety is not a major concern, I would recommend this book to every worker, every supervisor and every employer in any field.

Well done.

Jacques G. - Devon, Pennsylvania

Tony Martin